AGAPLESION as Employer


In our clinics, we offer internships to interested students at regular intervals.

This provides good opportunities for individual development and helps to check out one's personal suitability for the profession intended under professional guidance.


Practical Year

A Practical Year at one of our eight academic teaching hospitals offers students a comprehensive and thorough medical education in mandatory subjects such as Surgery and Internal Medicine.

In addition, we also offer Practical-Year Internships in various required electives such as Anesthesiology, Geriatrics and Orthopedics.

International Applications

Our task is to ensure top-level medical and nursing care.

AGAPLESION has developed a special concept for the acquisition and integration of qualified professionals from the European Union, including intense support ensuring the relocation is also a private success.

Voluntary Service

AGAPLESION provides graduates with the opportunity to gain a multitude of practical experience in one of our facilities before starting their education or studies.

They do volunteer work in a clinic or a Residences and care facility and are given rather different tasks.  By becoming familiar with different jobs, they might get an idea for their future professional career.


Specialist Training

Our hospitals offer optimal career development perspectives to our budding specialists. Our senior physicians guarantee qualified and structured advanced training.

Mentors will accompany you on your educational route and you have access to state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Continuing and Advanced Education

To ensure advanced education and continued development in treatment and nursing care, we support and request regular participation in advanced education and training. 

As part of our in-house training, both mandatory events and the voluntary participation in events is required.

Training and Studies

The promotion of young talents in medicine and nursing is of great importance for us. 

At 16 locations, AGAPLESION trains in the areas of healthcare and nursing. Overall, we currently provide more than 1000 apprenticeships within our enterprise – and in a multitude of different professions.



Trainee Program

You want to advance your career? Striving for a management position? 

Our AGAPLESION trainee program has the objective to introduce you as new management and specialist employees to responsibilities within our health group, to develop and specifically sponsor you, but also to make demands.


Honorary Office

It feels good to put your skills to work for other people.

Listening, talking, reading, walking together - many elderly and sick people will be happy about your company, attention and a little assistance.

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