Your home in Christian neighbourhood

Nation-wide, AGAPLESION is one of the leading Christian health and nursing care providers for seniors.  We see aging as part of life setting special challenges. AGAPLESION commits itself to keep you healthy, autonomous and living with dignity for as long as possible.



Services offered at our locations throughout Germany take a variety of requirements of seniors into account - and those of their family and relatives.


Our services

Qualified Registered Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses take care of people requiring care in their own home - on a daily basis, or several times a day, if required. They not only ensure basic and nursing care is provided, but also assist with household chores, accompany on errands, are on call 24/7, advise on social issues and care, provide aids, devices and other services.

All these services are aimed at the person requiring care so he continues to feel comfortable at home and to relieve caregiving relatives.

Day care is a place for the elderly requiring assistance during the day but not wanting to be alone. They have companionship for a couple of hours, receive suggestions about how to stay busy, practice everyday activities, receive recognition and acknowledgment.

Our goal is to strengthen and maintain independence, abilities and interests of our day guests for as long as possible.  Caregiving relatives receive support, advice and relief. Several of our day care centers are BÖHM-certified, i.e. especially qualified for the care of day visitors with dementia.

In our inpatient nursing homes, living is the focus.  All homes feature cozy living areas with comfortable common areas.  Our resident compliment their private nursing apartments – with comfort feature equipment and private bathroom/WC – predominantly with small pieces of furniture and personal objects.

Most people want to spend their last phase of life surrounded by familiar people. However, terminally ill people can often not be given the necessary care at home. In several hospices, we offer them a habitat with a comfortable atmosphere they will experience as guest and not as patient. Each guest can fill and plan his day according to his liking and pursue personal interests as much as possible. Employed and voluntary hospice staff provide support and are available for chats.

Furthermore, we offer medical and nursing care and optimum pain therapy. In addition, we also offer pastoral care. We accompany family and relatives with empathy on their way of saying goodbye. We endeavour to make the last phase as pleasant as possible both for the person dying and his family and relatives.