Networks and Cooperation

As AGAPLESION intends to participate in the future design of medicine and nursing, the group is integrated into a broad cooperation network. This predominantly includes cooperating with research institutes.


In addition, AGAPLESION maintains international cooperation as well as an exchange with diaconal cooperation partners.

Networks & Cooperation

Innovations are important so that AGAPLESION can continue to take a leading position in the competition. This means the group remains attractive as a modern healthcare provider and employer. The ability to react flexibly to changes, recognize current needs and open up new opportunities lies within the AGAPLESION facilities.



AGAPLESION fosters exchange and cooperation with church and diaconal institutes.  Participating in associations is important for Executive Board and Managing Directors of the facilities.

Topics are selected health policies, Christian and areas of ethical issues we are working in together and their promotion.

AGAPLESION invests in the future.  Participating and funding research projects is crucial for AGAPLESION's development and its attractiveness as employer.  As sophisticated health care company, AGAPLESION has extensive experience and competences regarding meaningful innovations in medicine and nursing.

Research should not be left to university clinics, manufacturers of medical technology or the pharmaceutical industry alone.  As the company can only do research to a limited extent, AGAPLESION runs joint projects with research facilities and is available as clinical partner for research projects.

The European educational and job market with its mobility and permeability allows for many young people to advance professionally and expand their knowledge.  We would like to do justice to our corporate responsibility as Christian health group by participating in training specialists from abroad through joint projects with universities throughout the European Union. Thus, we promote academic exchange and intercultural contact.