Definition of AGAPLESION

The philosophy of the healthcare company is shown in the meaning of the name AGAPLESION.

The word has its origin in Greek

"Agapéseis tòn plesíon"

derived and means:

Love Thy Neighbor

(Mark Gospel, Chapter 12, Verse 31).

Grace of charity is the basis of our work. That is why the founding shareholders cryptographically anchored this maxim in the name of AGAPLESION in 2002.


About us

As varied as AGAPLESION itself are the opportunities for development within the group.  In order to live „life-long learning“ and for us to be able to support your personal development, we offer various opportunities for education, qualification and secondary training.

For that purpose we run nursing schools and our own academy. We offer perspective and a future in a dynamic enterprise - for people wanting a job with meaning.

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Agapéseis tòn plesíon (Love thy neighbour, Gospel of Mark, chapter 12, verse 31) is the basis of our work.  That is why the founding shareholders haven enshrined this principle in 2001 cryptographically on behalf of AGAPLESION.

It is the attitude regarding charity and the ensuing mission to serve the people that unites our shareholders.  Always.  Based on this tradition, AGAPLESION has developed into a powerful group finding up-to-date solutions for the tradition of serving human needs: Diakonia as manifestation of the Church.

In addition to a specific participation mode, processes and the network organization within the group are clearly further factors for success. 

The specially developed so-called Integrative Management Structure integrates group facilities, thus making systematic use of any composite experience within the network.

As we contribute to shape the future of medicine and care, AGAPLESION is integrated in a broad cooperation network.  This predominantly includes cooperating with research institutes. 

Furthermore, AGAPLESION maintains international cooperation as well as an exchange with diaconal cooperation partners.


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The Executive Board of AGAPLESION gAG manages the company at its own responsibility.  The Supervisory Board supervises business operations and acts in advisory capacity. 

Together with the Executives of the group, the Board develops a strategic concept and promotes development and safeguarding the future of AGAPLESION.

The Supervisory Board acts within the general framework of stock-corporation law as supreme supervisory body. It advises and monitors the Management Board.

While the Executive Board manages the company at its own responsibility, the Supervisory Board monitors management decisions of the Executive Board.  Its main tasks include having the Annual Accounts and Consolidated Financial Statements audited.

By means of the legal form of a non-profit stock corporation, AGAPLESION provides an appropriate framework to accommodate new partners by issuing shares. For this purpose, AGAPLESION usually takes over 60 % of the shares from the former sole shareholders.

In return, they receive a corresponding number of shares in AGAPLESION gAG. These are registered shares with restricted transferability not traded at the stock exchange. The remaining 40 % remain with the previous shareholders, thus still linking them with their facilities.

AGAPLESION was founded in 2002 to predominantly strengthen Christian facilities in a challenging economic and competition environment. Close networking within the group lets them exploit proven structures and make use of synergy effects.

AGAPLESION is interested in a partnership cooperation when including new facilities. This means that partners involved assume shared responsibility within the group.

The term Compliance — or regulatory compliance — stands primarily for compliance with laws, regulatory standards and internal guidelines. Moreover, compliance for us means that the actions of our employees within their professional responsibilities and business decisions are in line with our moral concept. 

By ensuring compliance, legal violations are to be avoided, corruption is to be prevented and thus the reputation of our enterprise protected.

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