A Tradition of Innovation

The non-profit corporation AGAPLESION was only founded in 2002, however,
it is based on 150 years of Diakonie (welfare and social work) which has
substantially contributed to develop a world-wide unique health care system in Germany. 

Many institutions of AGAPLESION have a story dating back to the 19th century: Along with the development of modern medicine, a claim to the "right to health" developed. The Prussian State deployed Sanitary Committees and awarded Christian churches the right to establish their own charitable institutions.

About us

Agapéseis tòn plesíon (Love thy neighbour, Gospel of Mark, chapter 12, verse 31) is the basis of our work.  That is why the founding shareholders haven enshrined this principle in 2001 cryptographically on behalf of AGAPLESION.

It is the attitude regarding charity and the ensuing mission to serve the people that unites our shareholders.  Always.  Based on this tradition, AGAPLESION has developed into a powerful group finding up-to-date solutions for the tradition of serving human needs: Diakonia as manifestation of the Church.

In addition to a specific participation mode, processes and the network organization within the group are clearly further factors for success. 

The specially developed so-called Integrative Management Structure integrates group facilities, thus making systematic use of any composite experience within the network.

As we contribute to shape the future of medicine and care, AGAPLESION is integrated in a broad cooperation network.  This predominantly includes cooperating with research institutes. 

Furthermore, AGAPLESION maintains international cooperation as well as an exchange with diaconal cooperation partners.


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As varied as AGAPLESION itself are the opportunities for development within the group.  In order to live „life-long learning“ and for us to be able to support your personal development, we offer various opportunities for education, qualification and secondary training.

For that purpose we run nursing schools and our own academy. We offer perspective and a future in a dynamic enterprise - for people wanting a job with meaning.

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